I'm Jide

Full-Stack Developer & Technical Writer.

I'm passionate about bringing 🎨 design to life through 👨🏽‍💻 code ,
and building delightful 🌐 web experiences.

I build softwares and write about them

In 2018, I embarked on my journey to learn how to code. A few years later, I'm a self-taught software engineer with experience working on over a dozen projects alongside technical founders, startups and established engineering teams in the United Kingdom, USA, Germany, Nigeria, India and Canada.

I have a passion for building user-centric digital products, constantly exploring new tools and contributing to exciting projects beyond my core domain.

During my spare time, you can find me writing about Web Technologies, UI/UX case studies, and Tech-bits thereof.


Featured Open Source 🚀

Defaang logo


A website that will curate recently-asked interview questions from FAANG+ to help people practice & prep! Contributed to issues ranging from Features, Documentation and Contents

NatML logo


NatML is a High performance, cross-platform machine learning library for Unity Engine. I contributed to building out parts of the library and the landing page,

Web3Afrika logo


Web3 Afrika is a community to accelerate the education and opportunities of a new wave of Web3 Enthusiasts in Africa, I alongside 2 other developers built the landing page.

LinkFree logo


Open source alternative to LinkTree, created by the Eddie Hub Community, I contributed to the test suites, as well as documentation and feature building proccess

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